Q. What is your philosophy on life?
A. Without sounding too sappy. In the big scheme of things, we have
a short shelf life much like an open bottle of stop-bath. I try not take
everything too seriously. Do what you like and like what you do.

Q. Why do you have this site?
A. To keep busy. I have nothing to do after 14 hour work days.
It keeps me off the streets.

Q. Why do you keep such a hectic schedule?
A. I have to support 3 habits; eating, shelter and a new Apple
MacIntosh computer every 90 days.

Q. What fascinated and attracted you to glamour photography?
A. Beauty, class, glamour, fun, sophistication! Well enough about me, let's
talk about the models.

Q. How many years have you been photographing nude models?
A. I got my break in 1986

Q. How did you get that break?
A. I'd submitted test shots of a fashion model to Penthouse. Bob Guccione
and Jane H. gave me the opportunity to do the layout. Samantha Townsend
was later published as a feature pictorial.

Q. Do you like your job?
. It's a living! But seriously, I enjoy it very much. Each day is a
new experience, I meet different people, see different things.
99% of the models that I've photographed were a joy to
work with. Some models were pure inspiration.

Q. Who are your favorite models?
A. There are too many to mention. Kia, Paige Summers, Alex Taylor,
Desiree Barbre, Maya Moore, Asia Carrera, Alyssa Alps,
Leanni Lei, Anna Malle, Jill Kelly, Amy Lynn are
just a few. Check out the models page for pictures and bio.

Q. Did you attend photography school?
A. No, it started out as a hobby. I fell in love with photography the
instant I picked up my Kodak Instamatic 104.

Q. What's a typical day in your studio?
A. The model is in make-up for an hour and half. The sets are built
either the same morning or the night before depending on
complexity. Depending on the job, art directors or managing
editors are in the studio to oversee the production.
I start off with cover shots and move on to the layout.
Then after breakfast, we create more pictures.

Q. Is your studio constantly buzzing with naked people?
A. Yes, and that's not including the models.

Q. Who designed this simple site?
A. I did it myself using Dreamweaver on a Mac.
Pardon the lack of animated dancing girls
or explosions. I have to run out and get Flash immediately.

Q. Other photographers' site have a picture of themselves on it,
where is yours?
A. I'm working on it. If you see a photo of an Asian guy wearing
a smoking jacket, head bandanna, a leather eye patch chomping
on a cigar, that would not be me.

Update 2009

Location shooting only. Around the corner and aound the world.